One of the best vocaloid characters, she is a cute blonde and is almost always singing with her brother, Len Kagamine she is Uber cute, and like all vocaloids she has an item she usualy is seen with
she has 2 actually
1. Roddarolla (steam roller)
2. Len
she usualy physicaly abuses len, by killing or beating him somehow, ususaly when bored or pissed off.
Len Kagamine: Flaws? shes got many, she never stops talking, never seen her shut up once!
Rin kagamine:(shes behind him, heard him) (cries and runs away)
All other vocaloids: dude you screwed up
Len: (Attacks Kaito)
Miku and meiko : RUN!!!!

Len and kaito: What?

(Rin kagamine flattens them with her steam roller)
by DancingDruidStudio September 20, 2010
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An amazing Vocaloid-she is usually very bubbly and sweet, but in some of her songs (e.g. Tokyo Teddy Bear, Lost One's Weeping, Meltdown) she sings about VERY dark things. She has a very sweet, innocent voice and is associated with Len Kagamine-they are usually referred to as twins, even though technically they are mirror images of one another. (Rin comes from the word "right" and Len from "left".) Len and Rin often perform together and each have a tattoo which reads "02", as they were the second Vocaloid produced by their company (Miku Hatsune was the first.) Len is slightly more popular than Rin, but personally I like her more. Fun fact: Both Rin and Len Kagamine have the running gag of dying the most among Vocaloids.
Jack: Hi Sara, what are you listening to?
Sara: Oh, Tokyo Teddy Bear by Kagamine Rin.
Jack: Cool, isn't she the really bubbly Vocaloid?
Sara: I guess but... Just listen to the song.
Jack: *listens to song* I like it, but what are the lyrics about?
Sara: Um... it's about this really depressed girl who may be self-harming and how she keeps destroying and then fixing this childhood teddy bear as a form of therapy hoping that if she changes the bear, she may change herself.
Jack: What the... I thought she was the cute, perky one!
Sara: You thought. Rin Kagamine's really dark.
by IWishIWasKagamineRin March 13, 2016
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Kagamine Rin is a character made up of one part artificial sweetener and two parts heavy metal music who represents a VOCALOID voicebank originally developed by Crypton Future Media for the VOCALOID2 program.

Her signature physical characteristic is the large bow she wears on her head.

Her personality can change between songs, tending to either be a sweet and bubbly pop star or a dystopian antichrist.
More so than most other VOCALOIDs, she is shown as being a sadistic narcissist with both suicidal and homicidal tendencies.

Her two character items are the orange and the road roller, the ladder typically being a choice weapon in causing physical harm to innocent civilians.

She was originally packaged (and is still sold) with her twin character, Kagamine Len, best described as a doormat supreme, who she tends to pick on/ boss around. She also kills him from time to time.
Kagamine Rin is my favorite VOCALOID, I mean, name one other VOCALOID who can sing rock and metal with the same power and emotion she has!
by That one weeb trash looser guy December 1, 2019
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