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Kagamine Rin is a character made up of one part artificial sweetener and two parts heavy metal music who represents a VOCALOID voicebank originally developed by Crypton Future Media for the VOCALOID2 program.

Her signature physical characteristic is the large bow she wears on her head.

Her personality can change between songs, tending to either be a sweet and bubbly pop star or a dystopian antichrist.
More so than most other VOCALOIDs, she is shown as being a sadistic narcissist with both suicidal and homicidal tendencies.

Her two character items are the orange and the road roller, the ladder typically being a choice weapon in causing physical harm to innocent civilians.

She was originally packaged (and is still sold) with her twin character, Kagamine Len, best described as a doormat supreme, who she tends to pick on/ boss around. She also kills him from time to time.
Kagamine Rin is my favorite VOCALOID, I mean, name one other VOCALOID who can sing rock and metal with the same power and emotion she has!
by That one weeb trash looser guy December 1, 2019
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