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Rimi might be a shy person at first but when u get to know her she will be that person that will always stand up for u and help u she loves making people laugh she loves having fun with he friends and family rimi is a really fun person everybody loves her
Person: rimi r u sad

Rimi: nah I’m ok ( *puts a fake smile* )

Person : oh ok let’s go eat

Rimi is the kind of person that wants people to not worrry about her and she wants to show that’s she’s always happy even if she isn’t sometimes
by Selena Avery January 04, 2018
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a lame loser with fantastic taste in tv shows
A: that girl is so rimi!
B: I know right? the only reason she's cool is because she watches AD
by LookySalad April 26, 2011
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hes a ngunguru gangsta who will fuk up eny motha fuka out thier.
by seb April 09, 2005
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