To speak to a girl for about a week, and build sexual attraction. Then proceed to ignore the girl for shits and giggles.
J: dude.. Stop rigiing girls..its creepy
Justin: I get bored.. And girls are sluts
by someguysfriend January 2, 2013
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verb /rɪdʒi /

To make a promise that you cannot go back on no matter what. If someone goes back on a rigi or knowingly lies while rigiing they are basically the most untrustworthy person possible.
I rigi I didn't eat the last ice-cream.
by LolMatLo1 February 25, 2021
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Your name is Brigid and you came from the tiktok trend. You're pretty nice, you like to help people. You're quiet but you open up around friends, and you like sports and music
Cadence: Oh hey, it's Brigid.
Peter: Oh, Brigid is pretty cool I guess
by Bigbootybeethoven July 9, 2020
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Some gayass shit that Al loves to say. Used to describe brief periods of nothingness.
(while nothing is going on)

rigi-raga. (followed by silence and confusion)
by Luvnuts March 3, 2003
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