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The most beautiful girl you were ever see she is talented smart self-conscious at times and doubtful but she always comes through and will never leave you hanging or disappoint you she's a great friend and will always be there for you when you need her she will do whatever she can to make you happy and to make you feel good and she will always put others before her
Love you Cadence Me the bestest friend I could ever ask for
by Laughing_livy December 29, 2017
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cadence: a girl with an amazing sense of humor and personality. loves her friends and family. she has the most beautiful hair and eyes, and everyone wants to be just like her.
by Credenza April 03, 2010
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rhythm of the beat (adding your own personal style)
His cadence was on point when he recorded that verse in the studio. His swagger and style made that beat pop out... he gave it flavor or (cadence)
by Joy January 27, 2004
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Beat played by the drumline in between songs while marching parades. mucho catchy.
"yo man, that cadence was badass"

"yeah, pat was awesome on the snare."
by jojo37 February 15, 2007
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One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. She's kind, sweet, loyal, and more beautiful than she realizes. If you have her as a friend, you have a friend for life. If you are lucky enough to have her as a girlfriend, you'd better love and cherish her. She has a more aggressive side at times and is an amazing kisser. If you are foolish enough to break up with her you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Guy 1: hey man, who are you going to the dance with?
Guy 2: I actually am going with Cadence.
Guy 1: (jaw dropped) DUDE!!! you lucky af boi.
by ARandomLemon December 12, 2017
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A musical chord sequence moving to a harmonic point of rest; giving a sense of harmonic completion.

Cadence can also be combined with "Cascade" to form the word "Cascadence" which implies a forceful rush of musical sound; also the name of a New Jersey based pop/rock band.
"The cadence of the music added the rhythm and beats to form the perfect base of the song."
by Cassie B February 02, 2010
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