An alternative to saying, "Right Now". This phrase was started in 2001 in an episode of Super Troopers, where Foster tries to see if he can say "meow" 10 times while pulling someone over.
Foster: "Alright meow, where were we?"

Driver: "Excuse me, are you saying meow?"
by whatitlooklike March 23, 2012
to do something at an immediate time, replacement for 'now'
mom: go clean you room right meow!

teacher: do your homework right moew!

kid: are you going to that party?
other kid: yeah, i'm going right meow!
by goanaskamothafucka November 10, 2010
A dumbass way of saying right meow to look cool when it actually makes you look like a dumbass
All kinds of emotions right meow.
I need to go right meow
by TRLSG March 14, 2015
A phrase created by Mark Coy meaning "right meow".
Abbi is a little jealous at Mark right meow because he created such an amazing phrase.
by markthephrasecreator May 18, 2016
Another form of "right now" which is much better and far more entertaining.
Class: When is that test?
Mr. McNulty: Right meow.
by Mew K May 27, 2009
A term used by miserable, pretentious people whose lives are so utterly devoid of meaning that they resort to unintelligent and vapid substitutions of normal English and transform it into perverse cacophony.
Morton: "Come here, right meow"

Carlton: "Morton, since you used the term 'right meow' I have to conclude that you are one of those loser-types I've been warning my children to stay away from."
by Xylophonist December 5, 2011
A very ridiculous, immature, disrespectable and downright stupid way to say "right now"
11 Year Old: "Come here right meow"

Jon: "You mean right now, you little dipshit"
by Dr. Peppercrack May 4, 2010