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One who argues continuously until it is agreed they are correct. One may argue to develop trust based on fact/statistic/logical opinion. Others may argue without regard to facts and statistics with a basis of only of lies/illogical opinion.
I agree/believe what Kelly is saying but I don't understand Pat, he/she don't know a thing. They are Right Fighters.
by 2CA Seapossum October 04, 2013
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a person who argues just so they can be right even if they know they are wrong. these people strive to win every argument possible.
Todd: Hey Jermey i sent you the paper right?
Jermey: No I never got it!
Todd: but my gmail account says i sent it to you and you go it
Jermey *walks to computer screen* "Lies you never did"
Todd: *GOD Jermey is such a right fighter!*
by what up UD November 08, 2010
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