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A small town of actually less than 30,000 in the Mojave desert. It was once a safe and respectable place to live, but as of late, has become crime-infested due to the amount of ghetto people that have moved there for low income housing.

Being several hours from the nearest city and with little to offer in the ways of entertainment other than dirt biking, Ridgecrest is commonly referred to as Ridgecrap. Or the Crest, if you'd like.

Also home to the man who invented Glow sticks.
"So where are you from?"
"I'm sorry."
"Me too."
by that fly girl July 31, 2009
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A sick ass little town full of stoners. Lots of tweakers but they only come out at night.
"Hey you hear of that little town Ridgecrest?" "uhhh-hhhhh" "Yeah its a nice place to blaze."
by chronicman March 24, 2005
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I small town in Southern California, with a population of perhaps 40k. Created in the wake of a Naval Base named China Lake. Was at one time named Crumbville due in part for the small population and the mayor at the time was named Mr. Crumbville.
Ridgecrest is located off highway 395 going towards Bishop.
by Jessikiss August 25, 2008
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