When someone is exaggerating/faking their high to make other people think they are higher than they really are.

This often happens when you're around someone who wants to be liked by everyone and fit in.

Often people will be known has a "ridder"
It's the moments when you are high on anything and a person just does something that makes you think "Wow shes/hes faking it"

Bob "Dude, last night Alex and I were hanging out and he was riddin to make me think hes cool."

Tom "Yeah Alex is a ridder, I have smoked with him a couple times. He just wants to fit in. He hears stories about people getting high and he tries to do the things he heard in the story to make people think hes really high."
by Blaqk EVO June 19, 2008
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1. To be benched in a game. Otherwise known as the bench warmer.

2. The act of sitting on any bench such as in a park, at school, at work, ect.
John: I see you didnt get played all basketball game.

Jake: Yeah. I hate riddin pine.

John: But danm those cheerleaders were f-ing hot!
by Katie Nicholson September 29, 2008
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Riddin' dirty is the act of owning/driving a car with expensive and gotty rims. As exemplified below by Jay Z's track "On To The Next One," from his new Blueprint 3 album, Jay Z alludes to "Ride clean, I don't ever take the shoes off."

Jay Z explains how he rides his jeep clean (opposite of dirty), and he never takes the "shoes" rims off; hence riddin' clean(opposite of riddin' dirty).
Bought the car tore the mufuckin roof off

Ride clean, I don't ever take the shoes off

Bought the jeep tore the mufuckin doors off

Foot out that bitch ride that shit like a skateboard

Riddin' dirty
by removerz December 30, 2010
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Famous song from Charmillionaire. Riddin dirty is someone who is causing and/or making trouble, or someone who is breaking the law.
Man, im riddin dirty.. im carrying more weed then anyother niggers around
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The actual correct spelling and pronunciation of "good riddance", to be used amongst pals to say farewell.
Abunar: "I'm Leaving now"
Lewings: "Good Riddins"
by atJimHarrison July 9, 2018
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