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Shy, Funny, Nice, God’s favorite
An Arabic name. She is really nice. She is a really sassy and sweet girl. If you have a friend named Ridaa you know you can share anything with her. She is good at giving advice. She has beautiful long hair. She is very smart and nice, but you shouldn’t try taking advantage of her. Everything about her is perfect.
by ForgivebutneverForget July 02, 2018
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Ridaa is a arabic name. She is very smart and shy. She is really outgoing and has a lot of friends. Ridaa is very pretty and she is perfects in every way possible. She gives out great advice and has a very nice personality. But, you shouldn’t take advantage of her niceness or you will regret it. If you know a Ridaa then you should know you can tell her anything. She is very trustworthy. Sometimes she can be weird but people love it!
Person 1: That girl is perfect.
Person 2: Is she a Ridaa?
Person 1: Yeah!
by DJ Mobb October 20, 2018
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