Mexican-American drifter from El Paso Texas. Convicted of several 1985 rapes and murders in Los Angeles County. Currently awaiting execution in San Quentin State Prison.
Richard Ramirez is a perfect example of a serial killer.
by t00_d4rk_p4rk June 8, 2006
Richard Ramirez is a Mexican-American man from El Paso, Texas who was a serial killer, rapist, intruder, and robber. He was also known as the “Night Stalker” who committed horrible crimes around the 1980s, in which multiple families and American residents had to suffer his attacks in Los Angles, California. He was also a self-proclaimed satanist. Imagine a reptile-looking deranged man with yellow crooked teeth, a sharp jawline, and dark eyes which if you stare at it too long you might get nightmares. Apperately, he is the most over-sexualized serial killer out there because mentally ill, delusional females would express their love for him regardless of him being - um really fucking dead, and a seriously horrible person - I mean, come on, his first victim was 9 years old! Are you kidding me? Don’t read the other definitions.
Richard Ramirez is a killer.
by MsJacques October 16, 2022
the hottest serial killer out of all
he looks and walks like a supermodel and his cheekbones could cut a paper
what else can i say?

he is our daddy
Richard Ramirez is hot asf bro
by Richardramirezishot August 28, 2022
Richard Ramirez I'd a famous serial killer from the 80s who sadly passed away in 2013 due to cancer. He was said to have had an IQ of 150. People think he is hot, and have romanticized him unnecessarily. He married a female named Doreen but was only using her. He had fan girls come to his court dates and he wanted to create his own sunglasses line because he like wearing them.
Richard Ramirez is the hottest serial killer, but what he did will never be forgivable.
by anonymous_fr.eak January 8, 2022
He is so hot, I would let him do anything he wanted to me.
I really don’t care ab the murders… he’s hot that’s all

I bet he fucked good too
Hottest serial killer (Richard Ramirez)
by Marisolyucis March 30, 2022
The worlds most hottest freaking serial killer to exist. I hope everyone simped for him.
richard ramirez didn't deserve to die
by hAiLeY_iguess December 8, 2021