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Rhylee is an amazing person. She will always try to make you laugh and smile.And she’s freakin good at art. Rhylee has low self-confidence sometimes but she always fights through it. She is the most competitive person I know when it comes to beating someone. Rhylee will always see the good in people. She will always see the positive instead of negative. Her brown beautiful eyes will put you in a trance. To sum up, Rhylee is a beautiful, kind hearted, intelligent, girl.
I love you Rhylee (or her nickname Rhyrhy) you make me so happy”
by Live your life- January 31, 2018
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The most amazing person you will ever meet, she is smart, funny, freaking good at art and dance, and awesome freaken good looking. She doesn't really like her right foot as she tends to call it Pelican as it does not want to cooperate with her.

Overall, once you meet Rhylee, you will be blown away, no doubt about that. ;)
That Rhylee is so hawt, just look at dat ass!
by Abelard John October 10, 2011
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Bitchy, annoying, kills small cute animals (like bunnies) because she thinks its "fun", scum sucking roadhorse.
that rhylee has her panties in a bunch!!
by BayKay April 18, 2008
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