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A soon to come in nearly every mall of the US, and extention of Abercrombie & Fitch/Hollister. The line is said to be targeted towards college grad type of people, because it's akwardly annoying to see 20 year olds wear A&F.
Lets go see if Rhuel is any better than A&F or Hollister!
by Alisa June 26, 2005
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Rhuel's logo is a bulldog. The style is New York artist-ish. T-shirts are 35 bucks. Some say stupid things like 'I like my hollydays on the rocks' or 'the night is young'. Some have pictures of their ugly bulldog logo. Some just say west village. The clothes look good, but the prints on them just ruin it. Their website does not have a store.
The two stores in Illinois look like haunted houses from the outside, and have a unique floor plan.
I got this t-shirt from rhuel - it costs the same as a tank of gas.
by EDAWGfff March 20, 2007
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