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An extremely funny guy who can make you laugh no matter what.
An absolute sweetie that always listens to you and can make you feel better straight away.

Majority have curly hair and you can often find them with AMAZING, BRIGHT BLUE EYES!
Like the ocean on a calm day.
Shelly: Oh my gosh, I totally met a Rhees today, man, they're not common but when you meet one you fall head-over-heels.
Mary: Not fair! I want a Rhees of my own!
by Sauerface August 26, 2009
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An Asian, mostly Korean-wide last name used for awesome, funny, cool, gorgeous people.
OMG, her last name has GOT to be Rhee; she's gorgeous and funny!
by duhwuh March 01, 2010
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Used when jumping , punching and throwing to make it sound cool
Jumps off bridge” RHEE
by Bigrobbomadlad October 21, 2018
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Used in almost every sentence by young wellingtonians, extremely versatile.
FRIEND 1 "Almost rooted Becky last night dude RHEEE"

FRIEND 2 "What stopped you ya bloody wanker?"

FRIEND 1 "She's on her period RHEE"
by a nonu mouse November 23, 2018
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