Serious mixture of actor, poet, singer, and literary critic, who recites and praises epic in public performance.
In Plato's Ion, the Ion character is a rhapsode of Homer.
by ff2709 April 03, 2015
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Being caught up in the hype of a relationship in your head and it becomes your reality.
Mariah Carey's song "Did I do That?"

"Funny how sometimes
You can really lose your mind
And thing you would never do
You Rhapsodise
And get caught up in the hype
'Till your senes return to you
Love plays you for a fool"

Rhapsodize your relationship.
by Nicole Brocks June 03, 2006
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Classical, but jazzy passionate necking. Generally preferred over Debussying due to the nature of the song.

PETUNIA: Last night Kevin and I went to Walmart and we were on the cleaning supplies aisle and he blue rhapsodied me RIGHT THERE! Like... I couldn't believe how jazzy he was.
by Toille Nosredla August 16, 2019
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