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Usually referred to as THE BOSS. This guy will have great taste and enjoy the finer things in life. Treats his friends, buddies and his wifey with respect.

He is generous but not stupid. He is a very smart guy and pushes hard. He never likes to be walked over. Never fusses or get too worked up over problems but finds easy solutions and moves on.

Has a great sense of humor. Never checks for haters cause he knows he is above that.

When it comes to partying... he balls hard and stunts big!!!
Male: Rezza is doin it big
Girl: Damn this guy got swag.. whats ur bb pin rezza
kid: yo, I want to be just like rezza when i grow up
by euromoney August 06, 2011
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Residential the word literally translates to, means person usually from commision housing or Western to Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Likes to wear anything parachute material and nike trainers for speed against authority.
Is that dude chroming in broad daylight ! What a Rezza
by Monamala March 09, 2010
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