Slang term for marijuana, in reference to a quote from Jafar, the sultan's royal vasier in the Walt Disney animated feature Aladdin.
"I haven't toked in at least a week. Care to join me in some reward?"

"You shall have your reward! Your eternal reward." ~ Jafar
by Chode Brain January 21, 2009
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Name of the song that made deadmau5 (electronic music producer) famous. An excellent song with a NASTY dirty hook that just makes you want to dance your face off.
'The Reward is Cheese' is my fave deadmau5 song dude!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
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When you tell everyone about a thing you are planning to do or haven't finished, then receive dopamine from their complements, and end up not doing it.
Bill: I am gonna start going to the gym
Everyone: Wow, good job proud of you
Bill: * Doesn't go after all *
Bill's Friend: Take care of your reward syndrome
by CmdEngineer June 25, 2020
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The process of taking your empty beer cans to a recycling center for petty cash in order to buy more beer.
I'm so broke right now that I had to start saving my beer cans so I could take advantage of my beerback rewards.
by bdrguez September 2, 2013
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when someone receives a significant sum of money for work done or product sold
He was rewarded handsomely for all his hard work in the business
by Arthur Brown November 10, 2013
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a credit-card sized piece of plastic that is inherently worthless. almost all companies in existence have these rewards cards. they are designed to build customer loyalty, but actually only build customer frustration.
employee: "do you have your rewards card?"
customer: "i don't have a rewards card."
employee: "let's get you signed up!"
customer: "what will it get me?"
employee: "it's a great program."
customer: "but what will it get me?"
employee: "um... it's a great program..."
customer: "i know, you said that. what will the rewards card get me?"
employee: "nothing, really, but my boss makes me ask..."
customer: "..."
by taekwondoangel1 June 22, 2009
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What you use to obtain free merchandise.
Shaun, look at the free chairs we just got from using our reward points. It is a good thing they didn't cost us anything.
by BUh bye felicia January 16, 2015
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