Unlike the missionary, this on is a little better, where the guy lays down and the chick lays down on top.
by Cheese November 16, 2003
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A sex position where a black male and a white female were previously having sexual intercourse in the doggy style position, then the male pushes the female down onto her stomach and pulls her legs back; the missionary position with the female on her stomach.
Fuck the missionary position, taking it from behind in the reverse missionary position is so much better!
by patches93856 November 26, 2010
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The Sex position where the guys on top straddling the girl is on the bottom with her legs together!
Fuck the reverse cowgirl, I want the reverse cowboy missionary position! Now hop on mama's lapìi7*7&8&7
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The woman kneels facing the headboard, using it to hold herself up. The man lays on his back between her legs and points his knees towards his head. His penis is then inserted into her vagina or anus. You know what to do after that.
Inverted missionary reverse cowgirl is a difficult sexual position to get into, but tots worth it.
by December 27, 2021
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