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One of the sexiest beasts to ever walk the face of earth.
Tall dark and handsome fella,hazel/green eyes bearded, usually from the middle east (goes by beast from the middle east) date of birth usually in winter (specificly twoards the end of January) Great in bed, very loyal and trustworthy and all he drives is foregin, NOBODY CAN BEAT HIM IN FIFA,best hands down!!!
1.score a sick goal in fifa damn you just scored a REUF goal!!
2.see a nice car damn is that REUF?
3.see a sexy guy damn is that REUF?
by KituMiJashi November 21, 2012
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The best person ever. Nobody likes her at school. She’s really depressed. Her hair can’t be taimed. She’s weird but in a good way.
Jacklyn: Reuf is so lit.
Legendary Lit League: Too lit for you.
by Notmebutme3 May 09, 2018
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