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A Photoshop Portal made in the same design of Newgrounds by a NG user named, bedn. The point of the site is to submit photoshops, pictures you have taken,sigs, or site designs created by YOU. If you find a funny picture and submit it and are caught you will be flagged by users and you will be banned from the site. You can vote on photoshops sent into the portal. If they get a low enough score they won't stay on the site. On the forums you get "money" for posts and can buy various things making your posts fancy. All users get their own profile that you can keep favorite authors or photoshops or leave small messages on other users profiles. Retrogade is mostly NG users and are going their to escape too much of Newgrounds.
Bedn: I made a site that looks like Newgrounds for Photoshops called Retrogade!
DirtySyko: Sweet! I need a break from NG.
-TheBhudist-: Yeah, I'm great at Photoshops!
by NSGamer April 04, 2006
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Retrogade is a community for all artists, designers, programmers, & entrepreneurs. Showcase art, collaborate, critique work & share useful tutorials/resources.

Retrogade has a very rich history of ups and downs.

Founded in 2004, it was based off of the popular website Newgrounds. Except instead of flash movies, it was intended to be for art. It drew in a community of about 1000 users. A very small community who became very passionate for Retrogade and it's user-base.

In 2007, the website started to suffer. The upkeep for the growing website soon became the downfall. The website died due to lack of funding and the user-base disbanded. Some stuck around Newgrounds however finding a full-time programmer was an issue.

Now 2011, production has been full-steam ahead. The ground work of the forums and design have been established.
by lethalfunk February 22, 2011
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a website that hosts photoshops, a photoshop portal
the design is similar to NG. there is a ranking system, scoring system, and other similar items
the creater of it is bend who is a user at NG
there are many great and potential photoshop artists at RG
by velocitom April 07, 2005
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Retrogade is a poor man's Newgrounds and is a photoshop based site. Retrogade features odd rules, like the "No voting in extremes" rule, "Retroins", the offical currency of Retrogade, and the "Moderator Elections"

It features a Message Board much like Newgrounds, and also has a "Photoshop Portal", which seems to be a play on words from the "Flash Portal" of Newgrounds.

Retrogade is pretty much the same thing as Newgrounds, except there's less people, and still pictures.
"Hey, I've deposited my experience for Newgrounds, reviewed some flashes, and posted on the BBS. Finally I can get some rest."
"But wait, have you deposited your experience for Retrogade, reviewed some photoshops, and posted on the Message Board there?"
by Nomader November 03, 2005
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