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When a downs syndrome person gets mad.

Scientifically proven to be three times as powerful as the rage emitted by a person of regular intellect.

Retard Rage has been known to be particularly deadly when combined with Retard Strength.
Newspaper headline:


A 39 year old New England shop owner was killed yesterday when the downs syndrome man he was serving became enraged over the price of eggs. SWAT officers were called when the arresting officers realised standard steel handcuffs were not enough to restrain the retard rage.
by Don Strongo May 29, 2010
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1)When-In a football game, basketball game, or other sporting event-A player or referee uses bad judgement, causing people to yell or scream at a live event or at a television set.

2)When a shitty player starts to play well, because of extreme anger.
1) When the ref made a bogus call, most of the hard core fans started yelling in a fit of retard rage.

2) Ronald didn't hit the baseball until someone made fun of his mother, then his athletic accomplishment was just made out of retard rage.
by whiggitywhack. September 21, 2006
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