You lied to me,so I hope you Rest In Piss.

Fuck You and Your Bullshit I hope you rest in piss forever.
by Young King Boss December 8, 2020
Brotha Lynch Hung's hit from the 1995 album "Season of da Siccness" Used as a universal insult for "tellin' some nigga that he ain't shit, and he can go to hell" or as a friendly gesture of farewell to a friend. "rest in piss man, ill see you later"
ex.1 Insult

"That mother fucker can rest in piss!"

ex.2 Goodbye

Franklin- "Peace Mike, Ill see you later"

Michael- "Later Frank, rest in piss"
by restinpissnodoubt November 12, 2010
When someone you hate dies
Person 1 tried to swim in lava
<Person 1> ahh fuck my stuff
<Person 2> LAOL rest in piss
by Poapoapopopoop March 21, 2021
Rest in piss means you’re happy when someone dies, meaning they should rest in piss rather than in peace.
Dude the queen died !

Ha ! Rest in piss bozo
by Yummerz September 8, 2022
When you pee the bed and still end up drowning in your own piss.
Hannah: Did you hear about John last night? He peed the bed and drowned in all his piss.
Brendan: WOW, rest in piss.
by smegmalord August 14, 2018