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14 year old who colored the top of his hair blonde to make him look like a Reese's cup but strangely got stuck with Resse
"Look at how Resse dyed his hair, like the chocolate!"
by joseyomg January 24, 2016
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A fine nigga that doesn’t really care. He will take your hoe in a heart beat. He can be loyal or a fuck nigga. If u see a resse u will fall in love at first sight. Your just gonna wanna kiss him in his mouth for no reason. U should have a resse
Damn resse just took my hoe
by FinestHoe January 13, 2019
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Someone who is loyal and can be true to ppl but sometime she could be lying to u most of the time. She a queen when she wants to be. She love blocking the fakes even if its only her family member. She will always love her bestfrans and her curly hair she would never want to lose it. She always has an attitude and smart remarks and does most things on purpose. If she likes someone she would like to like them until she will never have a chance or opens her eyes and realize he's not the one. She would go on and off with a boy if it was a long relationship but shorts ones bye bye. She loves her family including her mom but she always hates and will always not love her father and calls him "that man" but she will always fill free to answer questions about him.
Resse don't like the fakes.
by Lovebuglol123 June 03, 2018
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