Stemming from the children's classic, Reptar, Reptar Rage is simply defined as someone who gets angry at something and yells.
As i typed this definition I got 3-man rushed by people on COD. I reptar rage'd over Xbox Live.

John: Dude, did you see that guy yelling and screaming yesterday?
Jim: Yeah, he was going through a serious reptar rage.
by Reptarin February 24, 2011
When ones genitals are chaffed and dry from excessive masturbation and or itching.
"Hey babe, how's your balls?
Not good babe, I got some serious reptar dick going on down there.
by Tylahhhhhh January 6, 2017
a girl or gay guy who is the ultimate form or pwnage! They are funny, cute, nice but know how to kick an ass or two. They can be your best friends, best lover, or your worst nightmare!
damn that girl is an reptar princess
a vert skate trick: A nose grind stall 360 to smith
Andrew threw down a steezy ass Reptar Bar!!!
by Andrew Leonard May 29, 2008
The state of being highly motivated, productive, or generally energetic due to dangerous levels of stimulant consumption. More specifically, the act of storming around the home or office knocking things over and shouting, similar to the mannerisms of the dinosaur-monster Reptar from the Nickelodeon cartoon "Rugrats".
Two ephederines and a liter of diet Mt. Dew and I'm doing the Reptar all morning!
by dettrain April 17, 2013