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RepTards are idiot Republicans soundbyte samplers. They are verbally indistinguishable from one to other because of their word for word regurgitation of the party's daily "talking points". Should the daily "T.P.'s" not arrive on time, they would stare blankly into the camera in a wide eyed silent double blink, mouth agape, (worst case) with a small stream of drool slowly rolling down the corner of their puppet party mouths.
They are seemingly incapable of thinking for themselves, and therefore adopt a hive mentality.
They are also reptilian in the area of compassion.
They're precise in their consistency with regard to staying contrary to anything the Democratic party says, despite the sense it may make.
What a fucking RepTard.

Bob: "Did you here what that "RepTard said?"

Larry: "If by RepTard you mean Republican, then Yes I did".
by Saphin January 10, 2010
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A person that believes that many world leaders and heads of state are in fact blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilians from another star system and are involved in a massive conspiracy to enslave humanity.

A believer that malevolent reptilian humanoids rule the world.
"Man, when you say stuff like that, you sound like a reptard."
by PGenius January 18, 2012
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One who actually believe's David Icke's theory that the shadowy elite bankers that run our world are actually SHAPE SHIFTING REPTILIAN ALIENS
"HA, That guy was quoting Arizona Wilder, you know, a total reptard"
by VLERN August 23, 2008
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