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One who is devout in their own religion and hates all others who are not of the same persuasion. Mostly found in the Christian, Catholic or Muslim religious syndicates.

Liken to 'Evandalists', Religicists are almost exactly like any typical racist or bigot, but narrow and concentrate their hate only upon those who do not worship the same deity as they do.

Religicists and Evandalists can often be seen together in herds at churches or in areas with highly offensive symbols that make a mockery of their belief. When near one of these groups, avoid making religious gestures or mutterings that would provoke the herd. Once ignited, being faced with a group of rampaging Religicists mixed with Evandalists is worse than having your entire body raped by a colony of Shrek-type ogres.
While adding the finishing touches to the Atheists United billboard, an open can of black paint was thrown at the billboard employee by a screaming and incoherently offended religicist.
by AntiReligicist May 20, 2010
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