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When you only have eyes for your partner, so the sexual advances of attractive members of the opposite sex no longer have an effect on you.
Fred: "That hot blonde at the phone storewas making a move on you" ...
George: "I didn't notice, I have relationship goggles"
by JPDyno July 14, 2009
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Like beer goggles, relationship goggles are the perception distortions of those couples who seem completely mismatched but are so "in love" they don't see the other's faults. They only come off after the relationship has ended, leaving both halves to wonder why the fuck they ever got into that relationship.
bro #1: how come the hot chick is dating that fuckwad?

bro #2: c'mon bruh it's the relationship goggles

see also post-relationship regret
by creamcheese.and.desire September 30, 2014
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