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Reich-wing (Reich-winger): A pejorative noun or adjective.

1: A political ideology with extremely radical, distorted, &/or illogical views further to the right of the political spectrum than main-stream conservatives. Or main-stream conservative ideas expressed in consistently hostile, deceptive or belligerent manner.

2: A person frequently engaging in outright propaganda, lies, and hate speech to promote those ideas. Skilled at using proven propaganda techniques and tactics that were artfully developed and practiced by members of Hitler's Third Reich. These tactics include but are not limited to: repeating proven, demonstrated, &/or obvious lies (Big Lie), never acknowledging errors and belittling opponents. Techniques include appealing to racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny; ridiculing physical traits of opponents, and personally insulting opponents.

3: A group of people who express those views and opinions.

It is a particularly useful term to cause people hearing or reading it to unconsciously associate those engaging in such tactics with the Nazi regime.
Adj: The majority of top rated radio talk show hosts are Reich-wing propagandists.

Noun: The Reich-wing is a blight on civil discuss.

That Reich-winger is a very hateful person.
by PlacitasRoy April 04, 2009
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