Amazingest girl ever. A great friend who loves to laugh.n and can make u laugh. Crazy text addict.
Man i'm having a bad day. I need a Regene to make it better
by pancakeluvr9189 December 27, 2010
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To regenerate Health and/or Mana over a period of time, mostly used in MMOs such as World of Warcraft or IRL if you are a fag.
Wait pl0x, I need to regen.
by teh penor July 27, 2007
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see radio
A type of radio circuit that amplifies by feeding the output signal back into the input (regenerating) in such a manner that the signal is strenghtened.
If you improperly adjust the feedback on a regenerative receiver, it becomes a transmitter and will mess up the neighbors' radios!
by BlastMaster June 16, 2003
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To temporarily become a degenerate due to partaking in gambling activity in the attempt to regenerate some will to live.
Dude, I'm totally fucking broke and a pathetic waste of life. Think it's time to degen to regen
by fullyregened100 December 18, 2018
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that feeling of dejavu you get when every irc channel your in has the same fucking amsg asking for warez, or which fucking case to buy, every 20 minutes or so
<tom(his actual name)><amsg> has anyone got a copy of vice city i can dl?

repeat 20 times per hour and you get the fucking idea
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