The smelly discharge from the urethra when you have an unpleasant infection. Can only be cleared by surgical bleaching
Did you hear about Boris?? He’s at the clinic as he’s got a dose of the Rees-Mogg
by SpikeZ1 December 14, 2018
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A UK politician who wears a top-hat and idolises Victorian England. He enjoys various pastimes such as getting rid of his human excrement by having his servants throw it from his tower upon the heads of the peasants, rallying to abolish the right to water for anyone without an income above £1m per annum, and hunting the homeless for sport.
"Jacob Rees-Mogg! Clean up after yourself, my boy! You've left dismembered homeless people on the marble floors again!".
by Scrzabble October 18, 2020
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A Rees-Mogg is the compound unit of stiffness and length derived from the factors required to clear the waterline of a toilet bowl.
I can't get it to flush. It must be at least two Rees-Moggs.
by DreamIntoVoid September 18, 2022
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