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while a woman is on her period she is to stand over a man while bleeding out and leak her red juices into the man's mouth, who is laying down, while she is spinning around.
That bitch gave me a red tornado like a swirly.
by FEV May 19, 2011
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1.) (n) Slang terminology for the female menstration period, usually applies to an excess time period or amount of vaginal flow.

2.) (n) A girl that will use a fake period to keep you out of her pants.

3.) (n) Ravaging someone's face or body with a used tampon, usually the tampon is spun in a circular motion over one's head prior to attack.
1.) John: "Dude, I don't know if i can hold out any longer."

Bob: "No way man, don't tell me your going to battle the Red Tornado!"

2.) Bill: "I almost hooked up with Mary but she has her period."

Jim: "That girl is a Red Tornado."

3.) "I just got Will with the ultimate Red Tornado!"
by Brian 5 April 03, 2006
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