Red Sqaure is a premix alcoholic drink with caffine and vodka (this is the basic ingredients) There are different Red Squares. The basic Red Sqaure is Red Square: Reloaded, aka the vodka + caffine. Red Sqaure: Irn Bru. Hey I can't make a list of them :) IT would be too long.
Step 1:Drink about 20-30 of them
Step 2:Make sure you get laid
Step 3:You better find a condom on the floor or you're in deep shit.
by HarryPothead February 9, 2003
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person 1: last night, she gave me red squares.
person 2: what the fuck...? is that..?
by m0ntana May 15, 2021
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While on facebook, the red square signals that someone responded to your post in some fashion.

For fanatic fb'ers, it is a wait-and-see hunger and satiety experience.
After I posted the concert photos, I got 6 red squares of affirmation.

I could see the red square of affirmation from across the room. It made me very happy.
by Mumsie dogma February 28, 2011
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