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More Commonly Rectite

A (non-existant and fictional) adhesive used to glue your asshole shut to prevent diarrhea. While originally coined by Miami Herald humor columnist Dave Barry, the term has persisted in the drug culture due to the persistent diarrhea experienced by opiate addicts during withdrawals.
Because Spud failed to apply Rec-tite he completely shit the bed.
by ObiWanSpicoli May 11, 2010
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As reported by comedian Dave Barry, a businessman by the name of Jim Munn was planning to implement an idea allegedly relayed to him by a federal health inspector: gluing the rectums of Thanksgiving turkeys shut in order to decrease the risk of salmonella poisoning.

The proposed name for this product/service was 'Rectite.'

It is unclear if the product made it out of the development stage. This may be an urban legend, although has no entry for it as of 2-June-05.
Wow, did you hear what happened to the Joneses? They got salmonella from their Thanksgiving Turkey! I sure am glad you got a Turkey with Rectite, honey- salmonella is no fun.
by rosignol June 02, 2005
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Almost the same thing as lock-tite(TM)
- I have to admit i am not sure of the definition, I herd the word in the song Sublime - Same in the end

Rec-tite (tm) on my ass, and it makes me itch.
I believe this Rec-tite is making me itch.
by OMFG156 November 11, 2006
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Kiko: Never had rectite, meself!
Emi: Uso!
Kiko: Punch-o!
by Kiko February 03, 2004
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