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The most beautiful girl in the world, she has an amazing personality and brings up everyones spirits when she is around. She is someone who will effect the world and will make a difference one day. She is loved by everyone and like everyone she has her bad days but she has a good heart and never means harm. Her family couldn't live without and nor could many other people.
Reanna, "She shines just like the moon!!!"
by SMILEDAYSGETBETTER February 24, 2012
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She is the epitome of the goddess of sunshine, who walks among us mere mortals.

Beauty exudes from her every pore shining her light on everyone she meets.
That warm feeling is Reanna's light shining on you.
by Extraordinary man May 30, 2013
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the most amazing girl in the world. she's crazy, random, athletic, hilarious, gorgeous, and just most of all.....the definition of perfect. she's the girl you cant live without and never wanna get over. very horny and def a freak: one nite with her and you'll never be the same.
"she's a freak! she's amazing. she's everything i could ever wish for!"

"you must be talking about a reanna?"
by old* memory. April 22, 2009
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Doing a reanna is when you like someone and tell everyone, then change your mind the next day.
"OMG! I totally like that guy."
"Really? Do you like him for reals, or are you just pullin a reanna?"
by lalaVIE May 25, 2007
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