Something gone so horribly wrong in television, people need to stop watching this stuff. Showcases a bunch of whiny idiots causing constant drama and strife among each other. Very rarely has that one guy who "gets it" and doesnt really talk throughout the whole show.
Rare reality television shows that I actually ever liked:

The surreal life.

Thats about it. Stop watching MTV.
by Not Zane September 4, 2004
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A mutated bread of documentry television that was once inovative, but today is a faux depiction of life, with scripted lines, and ignorant participants. Shows are typically pumped with drama, alcohol and sex. Reality tv is partially responsable for the downfall of American society.
The MTV show "the Real World" is a prime example of reality television. This show places 7 random strangers in a house in order to depict "reality". The show focuses on the housemates' adventures at parties, the sexual escapades they participate in, and their drunken rage.
by a. kathleen January 22, 2007
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