Something that is awesome, legit, straight up G-Thuggin.
The shyees be the most real street niggas in town!
by The Gwizmiester January 25, 2012
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A nigga who trap in a trap house all day long. Be on beans and sell a whole lot of dope. Been to jail and has lived the life of a hustiler. A person who dont back down from anybody and that keeps stacks on deck.
Gucci Mane is a real street nigga.
These other rappers just talk about it but i am a real street nigga homes.
by realstreetnigga March 20, 2009
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white Canadians who are a quarter Irish and come back pale after a vacation (unless their name is Nick, a Nick cannot be a real street thug under no circumstance)
Nick wishes he was a real street thug. Sadly, he takes bare Ls.
by Claire Pierogi February 22, 2016
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Legal street racing event which is good in theory but when the guy running the event (tuffenuff - Brian Mitchell) sells out the racers by giving out their ETs to his buddies, it kind of defeats the purpose of this event. Do you wonder why tuffenuff rarely loses? Because he can and does find out what everyone runs from the girls in the tower. If you are faster than him he will pull his starter cable off and say his car doesn't start. His useless derogatory babble on the microphone has killed the event just as much. "If you don't have a blown alcohol car, you suck" is his train of thought.
by GLD Staff June 4, 2007
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