Someone who cant run a street racing event to save their life. Also likes to throw his 7.70s blown alcohol car at 12 second cars. Then say they "Have nothing for him." and is scared to spot someone out for a fair race. Also has a tendancy to have his balls shrivel up when offered a race against a car of his same calibur.
Im tuffenuff my blown alcohol car will run your cam only LS1 heads up. Oh you need spots? Shutup you have nothing for me. Im gonna go watch my event fail cause i talk to much crap to the people attending my event.
by 1QuickBird January 17, 2007
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Big baller.

Faster than most others.

Has no trouble racing toolbags that like to talk shit...but, cant back it up.

Likes to make fun of people who talk shit and ONLY run 10-12 second cars.
Talk shit to tuffEnuff and be prepared to *RACE*. If your car is too slow, shut the hell up and go back to surfing for Gay porn.
by Tuffster January 24, 2007
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