The act of reaching back to provide vigorous hand relief to a good mate who has just given or is in the act of giving you a shoulder massage. This is not an act of homosexuality, more a fine way to say thanks to a friend doing you a great favour.
The technical term for this piece of total mateship is The Reciprocating Massage.
Mike the Fireman reached back on his friend Pete the Volunteer Fireman who was working out the knots in his tight powerful shoulders. The reach back left both men feeling a reciprocating sense of relief.
by TarquinNZ February 13, 2013
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The Doggy Reach Back, or DRB for short, is a variation on the doggy-style sex position. The name come from when the female participant reaches her hand back between her legs to fondle the man's balls while he's giving it to her from behind.
I was fucking this girl and out of nowhere she gave me a doggy reach back so I came immediately.
by Doggydawg March 19, 2007
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When your hitting your girl’s pussy from behind and she surprises you with a reach back and grabs your knob and glides it up and in the booty hole for a little surprise anal.
Rachel gave the surprise reach back last night. It was awesome. Finally got to hit that booty.
by Eaton Holgoode February 20, 2018
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getting very deep in conversation about one subject or another while being high, stoned, or drunk.
Rob was talking about space travel and started reaching back into the chocolate.
by spacenuts August 29, 2010
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