A women who will perform sexual favors in return for drugs she can sniff up her nose. Most commonly cocaine and methamphetamine.
Damn that bitch was a straight razorback! She sniffed up all my coke and sucked me dry.
by Redwood Slim February 3, 2010
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An inferior subspecies of Homo Sapien. Has no genetic diversity do to only inbreeding. Has history of never winning a BCS Championship, partly do to the Homosexualness of ALL Razorback men. Razorback individuals do not believe in hygiene, and state they would rather eat an entire can of smashed buttholes than to place a toothbrush in their mouth, or a bar of soap within 10 feet of themselves. Rarely seen outside of their own state as they are afraid "someone else" will sneak in and have sex with their sibling.
I heard a Razorback say, " If anybody gonna have sex with my sister, it's gonna be me!"
by JOHNHOLMESSENIOR August 20, 2011
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The endearing term in which my boss refers to me.
1. Bush Pig
2. An Ugly Person
3. A Ferral Pig
4. An unattractive female
"Shutup Razorback" *insert squealing noise*
"She's a fucking Razorback"
by Hailz November 26, 2004
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When an upper class gentleman consumes too much alcohol causing him to pursue normally undesirable obese women.
Jim: how long has Joel been drinking?

P: all day. why?

Jim: cuz hes razorbacking on that group of hogs.
by Johnny Razorback August 28, 2008
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The sexiest animal on the planet.
(Way sexier than a horn or a tiger)
How bout' them Razorbacks!
by Topher March 31, 2005
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