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A Massachusetts town south of Boston. It's small, boring and theres nothing to do. It will soon be the home of two, not just one but TWO Super Walmart's. Raynham's most exciting attraction is...uhh...there's nothing here. We get all the shit from Taunton and Middleboro coming here for Walmart. "Downtown" Raynham is a Tedeschi's. There is a Video Xtra Adult Superstore, and that's the only worthwhile thing we've got. We go to a regional high school, BR, thats biggest priority is sports, mainly football, rather than education.
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Raynham.
Person 1: Where the hell is that?
Person 2: We're the place that's getting two Walmart's!
Person 1: Oh yeah, you guys have that great Porn superstore.
by Tonyyyyyyyy March 08, 2006
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Raynham is a town south of Boston. thats pretty much it theres not much to say. we have 2 not one but 2 super Walmart's literally within 15 minutes of each other. we also have a great porn store!! the BR high school all of the Raynham kids go to is filled with sluts and jocks. the girls only care about themselves and smoking weed and then theres the boys who all play sports and get drunk daily. the schools second floor bathrooms are shut down because too many people were smoking in them. there is also a teacher that stands outside them 24/7 and you have to log in and log out to use the bathroom. anyways back to Raynham. the town kinda sucks because our "downtown" is a 7/11 , post office, cleaners strip . not much to it. although there is one good thing about Raynham....Colettis, their subs are to die for and they have candy, drinks, alcohol, snacks, certain household items, condoms, feminine products and much more. If you ever go to Raynham you have to go to Colettis for lunch..... you won't regret it!
person 1: where do you live
person 2: Raynham
person 1: what the fuck is that
person 2: its a town south of b-
person 1 : ohh yeah you guys have the 2 Walmarts and the porn store...oh and that really good sub shop
person 2: yes
by im fred and i like cheese April 22, 2018
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