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A term used by an emo fuckboy used to hit on other emo girls
Girl: *nuzzies* :3
Boy: Rawr xD
Girl: Mmm xD ^-^
by BigDickDaddyOG May 21, 2016
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Most commonly found on a my space comment section and used to steal a girl from anyone
Tyler: damn Patricia back at it again with the hot ass my space post

Blake: tyler that's my girlfriend back off

Tyler: *comments rawr xD*

Blake: tyler me vs you outside Walmart
by Osama rates 9/11 June 18, 2016
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a sign of love or flirtatious language between two emo people.
do you want to go listen to peirce the veil later? rawr xD

okeeez rawr xD
by okeeeeeeeeez July 04, 2016
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A coy way of saying "I love you." Typically used by, or believed to be used by, people in the goth/emo/scene personality group.
Guy: Rawr XD
Girl: Aww, you're so cute.
by AmusedJake September 30, 2016
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A phrase used by emos and scene girls/guys when texting. Typically joked about on the internet.
Emo guy: hey girl
Emo girl: rawr XD how's it going?
by uselesstrash May 22, 2016
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