Ravi is a very sexy and strong man who doesn't mess around. Ravi is also very attractive and gets all the girls. He has no time for drama and loves food. Ravi also means sun and with sun or Ravi it is dark and everything is sad and gloomy.
Girl2: Who are you going out with

Girl1: Only the best guy in the world

Girl2: Omg are you going out with Ravi

Girl1: Obviously he so cute and so funny
by Ravi is the best August 15, 2019
Ravi is basically Sun, but it also means
1. Sharp as without sun you will be lazy
2. Charming as sunlight brings colors to your life
3. Straight forward as sunrays don't bend
On the whole without Ravi your life is very gloomy and shady!!
Person 1: who brings colors to your life?
Person 2: Ofcourse it's Ravi, without whom this whole world will be dark
by Ravi's Definition August 13, 2006
Ravi is an awesome person to be around. He is both smart and athletic. However, he somtimes wishes that his good friend did not get a mark that was two points higher in science. He also wishes that his english teacher liked him more than his friend.
"If need help studying, go talk to Ravi."
by Urbanmemeslolz November 6, 2019
An unique sexual tendency that involves you, a friend's mother, your friend's father, and rope. It works like this. You are smashing in the pussy of your friend's mother in a barabric manner when her husband walks in. Instead of doing the civilized thing and apologizing, you instead proceed to beat the crap out of the husband, secure the ropes around his body, place him in a corner, and make him watch as you do unspeakable things to his wife. However, this is a completely hypothetical scenario, used to insult your friends when they become irritating. No human being would ever do such a wretched thing, hopefully.
Annoying Friend: I'm so cool and awesome and stuff.
You: STFU or I'll be doing The Ravi tonight.
Annoying friend: That's dsigusting.
by raviparashar8 February 2, 2014
Ravi means Sun in hindi and most of sanskrit based languages. Most Indians have their names after sun god, I think some motha-fakkin haters redefined it above.
by Ravi means August 11, 2006
to be "Ravi" like is to be amazingly good looking with a lot of female friends. A person who is also not a homosexual.
That kid is not like Ravi, he's so ugly.
by - fObrOb - May 24, 2005
to have been dumped on. given a totally impossible assignment then to have it do within the hour. to have been asked the selfless favor.
When Jeff was requested to provide the best case systems cost with no specifications, and in 15 minutes would be fine, we all knew he had been Ravied.
by ProjectManager March 21, 2009