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Raught refers to the feeling after selflessly inducing constipation in oneself in order to create a tighter, drier anus, increasing friction when engaging in anal sex. This is often highly pleasurable for the "giver" but leaves a deep down "raught" feeling for the receiver.
Dude, I'm not taking any more diar-calm and having butt sex with you James, I'm completely raught out from yesterdays exchange.
by Peter Pipe head October 09, 2013
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- To Raught someone out is to injure someone during sex due to the fact you have pumped their body so hard that they cannot continue and have to stop, potentially taking a 10 minute break or stopping all together due to total internal ruin.
Jarrad: You see that blonde?!
Alex: Yea she'd get Raught!

Ben: Danny had to to the hospital last night
James: Why man?
Ben: Because I Raughted her out
by JayBee123 September 29, 2013
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