A snitch, some one who tells on another person or persons!
Look a that vato talking to the cops he is a rata!
rata is a a new zealand slang for a Pacific or Maori slut
I saw Tom playing up with Kim at Guadas. Kim is such a Ratah
by incontrolxx July 28, 2011
Rata is a person who is a low life. This person is only interested in receiving information or basically anything that they can get from you to use it towards their own advantage. A rata is very sneaky, and will talk and stab you behind your back and speak to you as though nothing ever happen. Deep down inside a rata is very miserable and empty with alot of psychological issues. A rata wants everyone to be on his/her side and truly have everything you have instead of working hard and being competent of their lives.Be very careful there are plenty of ratas around , choice wisely who is your close friend
Hey you see Joel over there, stay away from him he's a rata.

Hey you see tonia over there, stay away from her she's a rata.
by Queen bahjia October 21, 2020
rober, person who stole things, for mexicans. It also means rat in english.
No seas rata, regresalame mi television.
by Kevin Brian McFarlane October 17, 2003
twat (portuguese). Same as cona, crica, paxaxa, pito, pipi (euphemism), pastel de pelo (brazilian portuguese), etc.

It is an extremely rude word that should never be used in front of a lady, unless said lady is a classless whore, or you really, really want to.

It cannot be used as an insult, but it can be used to make someone feel insulted.
Cheiras mal, pá, vai lavar a rata! - You fucking stink, bitch, go wash your cunt already!

Com aquelas calças justas, vê-se-lhe a rata toda! He He He! - Those super tight pants give her a camel-toe. Heh heh heh!
by New Marquis de Carabas October 10, 2005
Niño rata is an insult used by Spanish speakers. It can be translate as rat kid. The original meaning of niño rata was the spanish equivalent to squeaker. However, in these days it is use to insult any young kid in general, regardless if (s)he is or not speaking via microphone, or even if (s)he is annoying or not. People that call kids by that way tend to relate them with games like Minecraft, Call of Duty or similars because it is believed that niños ratas love that games. Regardless the old that the word is, mexicans and argentians (specially the last ones) keep using the insult and tend to say it in English as rat kid, despite it is actually squeaker.

Niño rata can be also shortened as rata. Though it can sounds ambiguous.
Random Kid: alguien que juegue minecraft??? (Somebody plays Minecraft?)
Random Adult: hey vete a come queso a otra parte niño rata jaja (Hey, get out to eat cheese in other place, niño rata. Haha.)
by The guy himself March 25, 2019
Niños entre 8 a 13 años que tienen voz chillona juegan Minecraft y los Call of Duty mas nuevos, tambien se creen trolls del internet y usa memes muy seguido hasta el punto que se pone molesto como troll face, XD, etc. Son muy molestos y son considerados una plaga en el internet ya que cada vez crecen mas en numero.

La imagen de Bart Simpson cuando Homero dice "y como olvidar al niño rata" es usada para representar a toda esta nueva especie.
"Yo no soy niño rata duxa. Yo soy un master troll equisde."

Algun niño menor de edad jugando Call of Duty y que habla por microfono y molesta a todos en el servidor.
by Mac Dibz May 23, 2014