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condoms are thrown around like it's our job.
freshman girls every year dress the sluttiest.
where every year a teacher goes to jail for having sex with a student.
have fight week was the highlight of the school year.
where the senior parking lot is filled with mustangs.
roids. (enough said)
where coach dubbs is the highlight of every girl's day.
where kids from west keansburg think they're the shit cause they're living in a hell hole.
secret drug sniffs. "mr. lock" my ass.
prom weekend is the highlight of everything! smoke up and get wasted.
not enough money to do anything with the school BUT enough to help the football team
having fights with middletown at the movie theater was the cool thing
making a big deal out of the guy that commited suicide at the movie theater
raritan girls are sluts all around, not one of them is clean
by safjoidjfol July 23, 2005
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