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Adjective currently used by Nottingham-folk (UK) to describe a chav-like or football-type character who constantly draws attention to themselves through conversational loudness or by having violentish altercations for no reason.

It branches off from the word Rowdy, where the term "Nar (something)!" is used frequently by the character: 'rowdy' + 'nar' = 'Rardy'.

Also these people tend to talk shit most of the time. This can be condensed into the prefix: 'rarararara ra rara rarara' etc
"There was some right rardymans hangin out outside the pub last night"

"N he came at me, all rardy n up in ma face n I was like: FUCKIN COME ON THEN!!!!!"
by Streaker712 February 06, 2009
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1. An occurrence, that's most often associated with party/clubbing holidays, it can relate to getting laid or going ape crazy at a club.

2. The term used to describe the moment when a gathering or party of any sort has reached its best.

3. When used in relation to music, the term Rardy portrays how incredible a particular track may be.
"We are all going to Ibiza to get Rardy"

"You two are coming back to my place, we are going to get naked, we are going to get more drunk, and then, we are going to get Rardy"

"Tonight just got Rardy"

" The tune has a Rardy bassline"
by Jayden James February 13, 2010
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