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Rapha is typically a sort a guy whose friends with everyone. If they simply don't want to be friends with him, he won't try hard. He is a great guy and is very friendly and is very good with anger management. If you push him over the edge a tiny bit, He will rain hell on you(The edge is high up in the air and it's a 100 mile journey to it so it's hard to push him over it which is why he'll get so pissed). Seems weak and mellow but he isn't afraid to put up a fight. He won't start one anyway. Very sarcastic. He can make dirty jokes too so perfect friend.
Rapha is pretty cool but i heard he can be a monster if you're rude to him.
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by humongus_chungus May 10, 2018
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A typical guy who sits their lazy ass in front of their computer. Rapha is very passionate into things that's got do with computer. Rapha is also very kind, and charming. Also he's a great boyfriend and has a big dick. Great in bed.
You're Rapha? Oh! You should be good in computer right?
by Clement John June 17, 2017
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Rapha is a typical name for a retarded male person who sits their lazy ass on their computer all day. He is very kind and is a fun guy to hangout with. Great guy with a big dick
Are you Rapha? Oh! You must be good at gaming!
by Clement John June 17, 2017
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