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Word used to describe the look a man (or woman) gives when viewing any person they find sexually attractive (and who may or may not be under-age) and hence, would like to get inside of.
Woah dude, check out Collin's rape eye! He's checkin out that jailbait in the corner!
by jtibbles October 08, 2006
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When someone is usually intoxicated and begins pursuing people of interest for a strong intent to have sexual intercourse with. Having the look of intent within the eyes and facial expressions. Usually occurs when someone is very sexually active, or has been in a dry spell and is becoming desperate.

Usually when it occurs they come up empty handed because having that look is unattractive and appears desperate.
Oh great! That guy over there has rape eye. He has been talking to me and touching me all night!

I haven't had sex in a month, I'm am going to get rape eye tonight!
by creation33 May 02, 2011
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The look a (wo)man gets momentarily before engaging in rape.
"I went on a date last night but I bailed early. She was totally giving me the Rape Eyes"
by #ItsaDate! August 22, 2013
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