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-the shaded face mask professional rapist Ben Rapistburger wore in shame during his emasculating performance during Superbowl XLV, in which he lost the ball game but won by an overwhelming margin in the polls for voting 'douchebag of the year' for 2010.

He faces a up hill battle to retain his douchebag of the year title for 2011, sources close to Mr. Rapistburger say he is focused on retaining his douchebag of the year award and is going to ''bust ass'' this off season taking advantage of Jr.H.S. and H.S. girls at parties. Seems like Mr. Rapistburger has set his sights above douchbag of the year and is now aiming for Asshole of the decade, he is a shoe in the balloting.

Ben Rapistburger wants to thank fellow asshole idiots for their continued support; Terry Bradshaw, Jerome Bettis, Lynn Swan, Kordel Stewart, Terry Bradshaw, Hines Ward and Charlie Batch and special thanks to the biggest asshole of them all Terry Bradshaw.
guy1: Did you see facebook photos of that chick Big Ben raped ??/?

guy2: ....I did, she was a Seattle 4* in the dark, at best... turn the lights on she was a Atlanta 2*

guy1: that douchebag is going to hide his shamefull face with a Rape Shade for the rest of his bumbling career.

guy2: I bet big ben opens a outlet carpet store later in life, what an asshole
by steeler hate club February 07, 2011
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