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A puddle of indiscriminate bodily fluids including blood, semen, fecal matter and soft tissue, usually surrounded by empty cans of PBR and well worn rabbit hide condoms. When tested DNA evidence can with 99% positivity link each of the fluids donors to a single family though on most occasions there are 6 or more donors.
The only thing left at the scene of the terrible crime was a steaming cesspool of rape juice.
by ArthursHallShat May 03, 2010
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a batch of jungle juice, usually made by men that's so potent it's obvious intention is to have co-partiers, preferably the ladies, blackout.
I had no idea where I was when I woke up this morning. Must have been all that rape juice I drank last night.
by Meg Q April 29, 2007
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A foul, rank smelling substance, even worse than bong water. Thick in consistency. Reeks of the stench of blood, sweat, tears and sometimes a little poop.

Rogers' breath smells of Rape Juice!
She has Rape Juice leaking out of her batty.

by OJ1 January 04, 2008
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